Museums and Rides

“ There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island;” ~ Walt Disney. My class of 2021 hasn’t had a field trip in a few years, so I say we go to Epcot. Were they have exciting rides and education centers. You can learn so much in one day there.

Education is one word The Walt Disney Company was thinking when they had Epcot built.Meanwhile in Epcot you can visit different countries and sample foods. if you really like the sample goo to the restaurant and have the full meal. Be careful, because it is so good . You might not be able to stop eating i . Perhaps you would like to see what every country does on a holiday. Just seeing all the colors could make your day. Beware they might bring out the fire baton. If you don’t like that you can spend time in the museums, or ride the educational rides ]. For example Space Spih Earth tells you all about earth and humans.

To keep them coming back was a phrase The Walt Disney Company was thinking. It’s not a just information, they have exciting rides too. When i went with my family we went straight to the test track. If you dain’t want to ride ride you can go to the different countries and try their food. Beware the shrimp chips and candied bugs in China.Although spaceship earth is informational, it is a truly breath taking experience. For example, they show you how there might be robot nurses in the future.

So you see Epcot is the perfect place for us to go. We would be educated in the museums, but still enjoy the day with the rides. So we should go to Epcot with a la little excitement and a whole lot of learning.

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